Christmas in Chicago

Chicago, Chicago that toddlin’ town
Chicago, Chicago we will show you around

Some cities do Christmas very well. In our experience, this includes London across the pond (see here, here, and here) and Chicago more locally. Bitter cold when the lake effect wind kicks up, the presence of Christmas cheer around Chicago seems necessary to prevent your face from freezing…or at least ensure it freezes in a smile.

There are nutcrackers,


And banisters covered in holly.

Beautifully decorated trees and gingerbread creations welcome you into holiday traditions.

Traditions like holiday inspired afternoon tea – an absolute favorite!

That special time of year where you nibble on delicacies,

And you pay a premium to drink a Nutcracker or Sugar Plum Fairy blend (we tried both!)

Also, can we please talk about this perfectly prepared scone, featuring the exact right combination of Devonshire cream, jam, and lemon curd!?! We miss you scones!

And where the bars carry pomegranate and grapefruit themed cocktails.

Luckily in Chicago the wintery drinks at the Signature Room are accompanied by twinkle light and garland framed views.

If you can handle the chill, grab a hot spiced wine and check out the (free) zoo lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Purples, reds, and blues set next to a truly impressive cityscape,

Monkeys swing from trees,

Gorillas breakdance,

Giraffes roam,

Trees dance to music,

Lizards lurk,

Flamingos perch,

And soldiers march about.

All meant to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside…even if you can’t feel your fingers or toes!

32 thoughts on “Christmas in Chicago

  1. Looks lovely! Was it cold walking g through that zoo??

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    1. It sure was!! But we bundled up and had warm beverages to help us out a bit!

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  2. yes-yes-yes-yes!!!! Also, the Christkndl Market, and the Christmas Carol in Goodman, and a New Nutcracker at Joffrey’s Ballet. Also – the Neapolitan Creche in the Art Institute and the Holiday Thorne Rooms (at the same place). And also – Caroling at the Cloud Gate (the last performance, free! will be tomorrow at 6 PM). And also free skating at the McCormick Ice rink.

    And my holiday cookies :))))

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    1. It is such a wonderful city!! We only scratched the surface! Chicago definitely does the holidays well!

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  3. Everything is beautiful! I love the zoo lights.

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    1. It was a very impressive display! The music was fantastic too! Thanks so much for reading!

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  4. Never been to Chicago at Xmas time, it looks lovely. Having been there in February, i know how face numbingly cold it can get.

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    1. We only saw a couple snowflakes the whole time but it didn’t stop the cold! The bars and restaurants do a good job of using outdoor heaters so it can stay pretty pleasant at times! Thanks for reading!


  5. Christmas is wonderful in Chicago –

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  6. Great photos! Eureka, CA used to do Christmas well. I haven’t seen it in awhile.

    Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours!

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    1. Of course!! Eureka has some wonderful buildings…very easy to picture how beautiful it can be over the holidays! Thanks for reading!!


      1. I especially enjoyed their period dressed carolers and seeing the reindeer sleigh rides. Arcata, CA was lovely, too.

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      2. Thanks for these recommendations! They are now put on our list! That is a great part of the country!


      3. Have you been to Aspen, CO in the holiday time? Aspen Village is closed to traffic, so walkable. All the stores are covered in lights. Leavenworth, WA is also lovely. Christmas seems to dress up most places 🙂

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      4. We were fortunate enough to visit Leavenworth a couple months ago!!! Such a cool place. We visited the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm and blogged about it a handful of posts back! And yes…Aspen is stunning. It is a relatively short trek for us coming from Denver!

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  7. I’m still looking for home. In my heart, I feel it is somewhere in CO. I’ve lived in Rico, Dolores and Vail Valley but they weren’t it. I’ll see where I end up. Since CO I’ve been in WA, OR, No and So CA, AZ, No ID, and Utah either living or visiting

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    1. Each of those states is so beautiful! We really like Utah and have been exploring it a bit recently!

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  8. Wonderful post. May you have a magical Christmas.

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      1. You’ re always welcome !

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    1. Thank you very much my friend! Thanks for reading!


      1. I think Canada is icy nowadays, but Christmas parties make every thing so cute there.

        See you in London


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  9. Love the Christmas spirit.

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  10. Grand!!

    I’m guessing New Years in Chicago is as special as Christmas.

    Here’s hoping that 2020 brings you joy and peace and a bounty of blessings.

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    1. Same to you!! Thanks for reading! Have a great new year!


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