Voyage to Vancouver (Two)

The best way to recover from a overindulgent night out is lots of physical activity…said no one ever. Regardless, that’s how we spent our next day.

From Yaletown, following the same path along English Bay, you wind your way into Stanley Park. Located northwest of downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park has been named the world’s best park by TripAdvisor. After all, where else can you go that has a rainforest, beautiful views of mountains, beaches, well-maintained trails, and a waterfront?

There is a seawall that goes around the perimeter of the park, and over 17 miles of trails through the park. If you meander your way through the slightly isolated trails, eventually you’ll come upon Beaver Lake, a small body of water that has been nearly completely covered with water lilies since the Queen’s Jubilee in 1938. The lake is a peaceful home to beavers, fish, ducks, and other sorts of water birds.

Beaver Lake

Or, if you’d prefer to stay with the crowds, you can stay along the seawall. The seawall is popular for a multitude of activities, but the preferred way around it seems to be by bike.

Moving on from Stanley Park to Granville Island. A trip to Vancouver is incomplete without a stop at Granville Island (which is actually a peninsula, and not an island). Granville Island is a shopping district in an old industrial area, complete with a food market, brewery, fine art galleries, and performing arts theaters. Easily accessible from downtown Vancouver via a short water taxi ride, we hopped over there for food at the Granville Island Public Market and a few cold brews at Granville Island Brewing.

Out of necessity, our next night was much more low key. We stuck with a nice sushi dinner in Yaletown.

A better night’s sleep allowed for an earlier morning – our last in Vancouver – to explore Gastown.

Gassy Jack

Gastown, Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood, grew out of a single pub founded by Gassy Jack in 1867. The historic nature of the neighborhood still exists in the cobblestone streets, vintage lamp posts, and an old steam clock.

After a delicious breakfast at OEB Breakfast Co., complete with eggs and lox, poutine, and a breakfast sandwich, it was time to head back stateside.

Vancouver is a real can’t miss experience. It is a perfect combination of city and nature and a great location for a bachelor party. (And a great place for our First Anniversary trip.)

3 thoughts on “Voyage to Vancouver (Two)

  1. beautiful! It has been a long time that I was there like 25 years or so.. still picture perfect.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I had unreasonably high expectations for the trip going in and Vancouver met all of them. So excited to go back!

      Liked by 1 person

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