Voyage to Vancouver (One)

Inukshuk on English Bay – Vancouver, B.C.

While Margaret was having a field day in Banff, Neal and three of his closest friends were 500 or so miles west in Vancouver celebrating his bachelor party. It’s always been somewhere he’s wanted to go, and none of his friends had spent time there, so it seemed like the perfect location for some frivolity.

Arriving late our first night there, I woke up early on our first morning and headed out. My favorite way to discover a new city is on foot, and my 8-mile run took me from Yaletown through the city and back along English Bay. For runners, Vancouver is an amazing city – despite the foggy and rainy weather that morning, the running trails were packed with people.

After a delicious breakfast at Provence Marinaside, we took a taxi (no Uber or Lyft in Vancouver) to the Museum of Anthropology located on the University of British Columbia campus. Vancouver is influenced by the region’s indigenous population (as exemplified by the inukshuk being the official symbol of the 2010 Olympics), and the Museum of Anthropology has an outstanding collection that showcases the arts and culture of the indigenous people still living in the region.

Just a short walk from the museum, you will find a steep staircase leading you down to Wreck Beach, a “clothing-optional” beach. The weather was clearly a barrier to any skinny dippers that day.

Considering it was 1 pm, and we were at a bachelor party, it was time for a drink (or five). We headed over to Yaletown Brewing Company for some craft beers and lunch.

The party continued, and we ended up at Hook Seabar in the West End. We feasted on all combinations of shellfish and seafood, from oysters to lobster guacamole and lots of fish tacos.

I washed it all down with pints of 33 Acres of Sunshine (from 33 Acres Brewing Company), one of the best Belgian Witbiers I’ve ever had.

Despite all the fun and entertainment inside the restaurant, nothing beats the natural entertainment of an amazing sunset. It was visible from our table, but the best view was from English Bay Beach, where Vancouverites and travelers alike had set up shop to take in the views. I pried myself away from the table multiple times to do the same.

It was a truly memorable end to what would go on to become a slightly blurry night…

6 thoughts on “Voyage to Vancouver (One)

  1. Such a beautiful area. Great photos.


  2. Thanks! The sunset takes care of itself. I took about 30 others of it from various angles. I want to get a Canvas Print of it. Or maybe a calendar with all 12 months being the same thing!


  3. I’ve also enjoyed the sunset over English Bay 🙂 Vancouver is a fantastic city.

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    1. It was so breathtaking! I wonder if it is like that most nights. They set up the logs as seating areas so I guess so!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it probably is 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No wonder the Vancouverites were so friendly!

        Liked by 1 person

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