CanaDreams – Lake Louise

Lake Louise has been a location on my bucket list for many years. Specifically, I long dreamed of staying at Chateau Lake Louise, a stunning hotel overlooking an even more stunning lake. With a holiday weekend in sight, and Neal away in Vancouver for his bachelor party, I convinced one of my favorite travel companions to join me on a little Canadian adventure.

Chateau Lake Louise

Coming from Colorado, people were very surprised to hear we’d make a journey to see the Rockies. After all, there are mountain ranges of the Rockies a two-hour drive from our front door. What we don’t have is the Canadian Rockies, which (no offense Colorado) are so much more impressive than anything I’ve seen at home.

Canadian Rockies

We were a little early to see the full effect of the Lake, but there were enough sections where the beautiful blue was breaking through the ice to make the whole experience worth it.

It’s probably for the best that the whole Lake wasn’t melted. If I saw it at its peak, I’d probably be in sensory overload.

There were great hiking trails right out our back door, that were surprisingly clear enough and dry enough to pass. Although…with scenes like these around every corner, I spent more time picking my chin up off the ground than actually hiking.

A couple miles in, we decided we’d hiked far enough and it was time to take a load off on some comfy-looking rocks next to a gentle little stream.

After sitting for a while in blissful silence, we added a rock to the top to signify this stop in our journey, and headed back for some sustenance.

In the form of bread and cheese.

“I have to stop eating carbs covered in cheese!” is what I said about 10 bites before this picture was taken.

The best cheese fondue in North America

Thoroughly stuffed, Puddin Monkey-Buns and Twinkle Floppy-Feet collapsed into bed, needing a good night’s rest ahead of the next day’s activities.

Which involved equally amazing scenery followed by the most delightful tea-related ritual. (P.S. – if anyone is wondering what to get us for the wedding, I’ll take a couple of these amazing toile print tea sets!)

Afternoon Tea at Chateau Lake Louise

Lake Louise, you were a real dream (come true)!

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